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Hello all

I am planning to upgrade my AMG style front bumper to the facelift AMG one
searching on the net long time now, i know i can online purchase the bumper itself, the 3 low mesh grilles(central, left/right) and the side of the bumper vents. I am not sure if my fog lights can be fit (visually they look the same) (if anyone knows please let me know)

as i know i will also need the bumper inside side foam/supports/skeleton and the grille (where the star is). These it seems i cant find them online

if any of you guys have anything that can help me and wanna get rid of it please let me know and we can discuss about it, even from the items that i said first that i can purchase from the net..maybe i can save some money and you get some, and you get rid of it..
if anyone can help give tips/advices and has also done it, feel free
Thank you!
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