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I know this topic is not new, and I have spent a lot of time searching for all the information I could find on the topic, but I still have some questions that I hope I can get help with answering.

I have a 2000 SLK230 Limited Edition, but it was manufactured in November 1999 so it is a pre-facelift model. It has a manual 5 speed and only about 29K original miles. I want a bit more power, and from what I gather from posts over the course of almost 18 years, an oversized crank pulley appears to provide the best bang for the buck.

It seems that the two options that are currently available are the ASP pulley and the Speer Chip Tuning pulley expander, for lack of a better word. The ASP pulley is $450 and it seems like it requires one to send in a pulley to have modified. The Speer expander ring appears to be about $200 plus shipping. Both seem to have had good reviews on this site.

I understand that both options should involve relocating my MAF, which I have already gathered the parts to do. The threads related to the ASP pulley also talk about adding a Bosch Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) part # 0280160575 and two step colder spark plugs, like NGK BKR7E.

Speer also offers an ECU remap, but information about their product does not seem to specify changing the FPR and the spark plugs.

So my questions are:

  • If either the ASP pulley or the Speer expander (without the ECU remap) are used, should I also replace the FPR and use colder plugs? Or just with the ASP pulley?
  • I live in California where we have pretty strict SMOG test requirements, so will the use of a new pulley, FPR, and colder plugs cause the car to fail SMOG? (Very specific question, so I am hoping that someone who has done the mods and has had a SMOG check done in California can answer)
  • Does anyone know how the Speer ECU remap would affect the chances of passing SMOG? (I know again, very narrow in scope but I might get lucky from having another California resident read this post)
  • For anyone who has used either of the two options, what have been the long term effects on the car? Any negative issues with reliability of the car or the pulleys themselves?
  • Positives and negatives of ASP vs. the Speer
  • Any other suggestions for performance modifications that only require a similar amount of money/time as the pulleys?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer some insight into this subject.
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