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AMG look Gear shift knob

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Hello there!

My stock gear shift knob had many signs and buying a new AMG one was a bit expensive. So i decided to experiment on the existed one.

Here is DIY i have made last year.

I removed the shift knob from the car and took it in my hands.
I started to disassemble its parts by removing the black ornamental plate with a blade. The knob split into 3 parts aluminum parts which have a screw in their core.
I measured the exact diameter of the square ornamental plate in order to make a new inox one with the AMG logo engraved( Familiar to the 'C 63 AMG 507edition' knob).
Because of my job, this was easy to me. The plate cut and engraved with CNC laser machines that i own.
I took a small piece of alcantara leather and wrap the upper part. The rest wrapped with super gloss carbon fiber vinyl.
I glued the inox plate and reinstalled the knob.

I hope you like it.

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