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Mercedes-AMG GT is a pretty quick car, but the performance division has yet to finish tuning it to develop faster versions.

Tobias Moers, AMG’s CEO, has confirmed a more powerful and faster variant of the GT is in store. Contrary to expectations, the improved version of the car won’t be called Black Series, as that name is reserved for a future, even hotter model. Basically, Mercedes-AMG is developing another GT, made to slide in between the GT S and the future Black Series version.

In an interview with Car&Driver, the Mercedes-AMG CEO let it slip that the new version could be called GT R. One of the announced highlights of the vehicle involves more active aerodynamic features. These are specially designed to improve performance, so the future GT R promises to be even faster in the bends.

For the development of the AMG GT and its variants, the boss of the AMG division confirmed that they had been using Porsche 911 models as benchmarks. Tobias Moers has stated that he and his colleagues are “anxious” to check out the facelifted variant of the 911. Mr. Moers suggests that Porsche did the same with their GT and then further invested in the facelift of the 911.

The new variant of the AMG GT is set to be shown this summer. Until then, we learn that AMG is interested in further developing electric propulsion solutions. After all, there is an electric AMG car out there, the SLS Electric Drive, and it still holds the record for its category on the Nurburgring. The boss of AMG said that wasting away the knowledge they gained through this program would be “stupid,” so they will “definitely use it in the future.”

On the other hand, the AMG division has no plans of making a mid-engine car. The CEO of AMG explained the situation by the lack of manufacturing capacity needed to support a product. After all, the AMG team only has 1,500 employees, and only 350 are involved in the production process, quality control, and logistics.
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