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Hi All,

First post here and wanted to share a few lighting mods.

On picking up the SLK320 from a friend in the spring, after a good detail I wanted to upgrade the interior lighting.

First in were some warm white LEDs into the overhead console. I found some proper warm white 501s that are similar to incans but brighter. The console was suffering from age so needed to resolder some of holder tracks.

While out, I tapped the light feed into a plug, then ran wires down both A pillars to warm white strips for footwell lighting and additionally to the back of the rear seats. Now nothing gets lost and getting into the car in the dark is much more welcoming.

Next was ambient lighting. Like another example on here I saw the opportunity to add an LED into the black blanking plate on the upper console switch, but wanted the option of either light on with ignition or headlights. My aftermarket Kenwood HiFi has an illumination dimmer option, but oddly the adaptor loom that came with it didn't have the illumination wire connected, so added a pin back in to connect to the MB plug, and tapped the +12V for future use and the GND. Ran wires back up the A pillar to an amber LED in a holder and thus a golden glow that matches the regular lighting which just spills onto the seats. You can see that there is a light above (the yellow dot in one of the photos, but blends into the 'mirror' traffic when driving at night.

I now have the option to add in 12V or lighting feeds as needed too.

Cheers, Adam


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