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Alpine, the French sports car brand that has been revived by Renault, will reveal the production-ready A120 next week.

The car is programmed to be unveiled in Monaco on January 15, 2017. It will be a production model, which will be an evolved version of the prototype that was first shown at this time of the year in 2016. The return of the Alpine brand has been expected for many years, but an unsuccessful partnership has slowed down this procedure.

Alpine has chosen to reveal the new coupe ahead of the Monte Carlo rally, which will start one day after the French brand unveils its production car. Initially, Alpine was supposed to show this car by Christmas 2016, as The Automobilist notes, but some delays have led to this new date.

For the moment, nobody has the specs of the new Alpine A120, but it is believed that it will offer anything between 250 and 320 HP. The car will not make massive sales volumes, but it will enable the engineers at Renault Sport to provide cars that did not fit in the Renault portfolio.

Evidently, the people at Alpine will have input on those cars, but the A120 is probably the kind of car that could not have been sold as a Renault.

In case your schedule is as busy as ours, you will not have time to visit Monaco next week just to see the new Alpine model. However, the 2017 Geneva Motor Show will bring another unveiling event of the French sports car so that it will be shown there as well.

As usual, we will provide you with photos from both events. The mad professors over at Alpine will also send an image gallery of the new A120 when they'll be ready to put its sheet metal on the Internet.

Prepare to get wowed!
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