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Hello everyone! We are back with a new video review on Coverking Mosom Plus Car Cover. This car cover is considered to be one of the best of non-wovens, available on today's market. Let's find out why. Mosom Plus features a non-woven layered structure designed to withstand rainy conditions, light hail and snowy weather. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it outlines every curve of your car and fits perfectly like a glove. This car cover includes mirror and antenna pockets to ensure a precise fitment and reliable protection. Learn more about the pros and cons of this product from our new video!

Coverking® - Mosom Plus™ Gray Custom Car Cover


- Comes with Coverking's standard 2 mirror pockets, with hood ornament pocket
- Designed to protect your vehicle in the rain, light hail and snowy conditions
- Manufactured using Coverking's unique double-stitching and waxed thread technique to virtually eliminate leaks
- Special elastic tensioners in front and rear to hold the cover firmly in place
- Precise CAD design to ensure perfect fitment on specific make, model and year vehicle
- Backed with 3-Year Warranty, the product will be replaced or repaired if it fails under normal use.

Coverking™ | Seat Covers, Car Covers, Sun Shields, Dash Mats -

Coverking Mosom Plus Car Cover is a perfect choice if you live in moderate and rainy climate zones! Got a question? Let us know in the comments below or call directly at 800-505-3274!​
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