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After the Alfa Romeo Giulia has swept the public off their feet via its online reveal, people are waiting for the Frankfurt Motor Show in September to meet the temptress in person. Fortunately, we’ll all have our Giulia thirst quenched, at least for today and it’s all thanks to the clip below.

The footage was captured in Valencia, where the Giulia was recently out for a photo shoot. Sure, the Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde was as stunning as ever in White, but it’s another traditional aspect of the Alfa Romeo badge that worries us.

We’re talking about the ground clearance. Any modern-day Alfa review we’ve done included a ridiculously small ground clearance on the list of drawbacks and it seems things haven’t changed too much.

While Alfa has released most of the Giulia’s specs, we still don’t know the official ground clearance figure, so it seems that we will have to wait until Frankfurt after all.

A little piece of advice: we don’t need SUVs inside the city, but drivable cars would be OK

Sure, to keep the 510 HP coming from the forced-fed 3-liter V6 in check, you do need a capable road setup and we all know just how much the center of gravity height matters, for instance.

Nevertheless, we’ve always seen the limited ground clearance as one of the traditional Alfa Romeo features that brought financial trouble to the brand. As you’ve noticed, the industry is finally starting to realize we don’t live on a racetrack, with more and more examples of decent ride height values showing up.

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