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Boy band singer collapses after wearing 12 layers of clothing to avoid bag fee

It would be crazy to risk your health just to avoid luggage fees-right?

A member of Scottish boy band Rewind learned this the hard way after collapsing from wearing multiple layers of clothing to avoid paying a 45 pound (about $70) baggage fee, reports BBC.

James McElvar was traveling from Stansted outside London to Scotland's Glasgow airport on budget carrier EasyJet. The airline permits passengers just one piece of hand luggage but the singer had already packed a suitcase and small backpack to take on the flight.

At the gate, an agent reminded McElvar of the policy.

“The woman told me either one of my bags went in the hold or we weren't getting on. The rest of the band had gone through so I couldn't give them any of my clothes,” McElvar told the Daily Mail. “I felt it was my only option to put on everything.”

The singer, who had packed enough clothing for several days on the road -- put on six t-shirts, four sweaters, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of track pants and two hats.

“It was impossible to walk, I could barely get on the plane. I wanted to take them all off as soon as I got to my seat - beside which was a spare seat that I could have sat one of my bags on - but was told I had to wait until we were up in the air,” the singer recounted.

But as soon as the flight was airborne, McElvar began to feel ill almost immediately. As his body temperature soared, McElvar says he began to feel “weak,” light-headed and started sweating profusely. After violently throwing up, the singer was relocated to different seat but soon passed out. He was taken to a hospital immediately upon landing in Glasgow and treated for heat exhaustion.
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