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Today I had a bit more time to play in Vediamo, and I put this time to good use: I activated option 608 High beam assist.

I then took a test drive, and I must say, I'm impressed!

The High beams will turn on whenever it's dark enough, no cars pass in front of you, and you drive with over 60 km/h.

Although using this method will grant you this feature for free, I strongly recommend you go ahead and add the option to VeDoc.

Adding the option can only be done at a dealership, and it's a paid option, which costs around 150 EUR, and takes 3 days, as it needs to be validated.

My dealership was reluctant to add this option for me, because WIS has the following requirements:
- Intelligent light system
- Front facing camera (which is also used by traffic sign recognition and lane keeping assist)
- Year model above 2014

I did not meet the last requirement, so both me and them decided not to gamble.
You MUST, however, meet the first two requirements!!!

However, as I said, I strongly urge you to add this option, if you succeed. The reason being that whenever you will go to a dealership, and have them do an SCN coding on your ECUs, they might overwrite these settings, if you do not have the option in VeDoc, then you will have to set this up again.

Below you will find the pictures of the changes I have made.
Be sure to do a hard reset after you finished doing your ECU changes.


As always, keep in mind, this is a Vediamo change, where you might do more bad than good! These changes applied to my vehicle, and might not apply to yours!


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