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Morning All ...

Though I'd start this one to make life easier for everyone.

There's lot that goes on in our cars, most of it controlled by an electronic gizmo of some sorts, and they need to interface with other parts of the car and various other gizmos...

As such, Mercedes has various names and abbreviations for it's kit, and some of it doesn't necessarily follow with those found in 'other' makes...

So ... if you get stuck, or don't know what something stand for then take a look here - we'll add more as they crop up ...

Here's a few to get going - I'll keep updating!

SAM - Signal Aquisition Module - basically a fuse and relay box - the R171 has 2 - one at the front in the engine bay, and one at the rear in the boot (trunk)

- Controller Area Network - a two wire system used buy various devices and sensors to talk to each other - think of it like a 'mini internet' for the car

- Electronic Eontrol Unit - box of electronics that controls various things
depending on it's task

DCM - Door Control Module - one in each door

OCP - Overhead Control Panel - the one with the interior lights in it

CGW - Central GatteWay - a device on the car that's a central point of communication for a lot of the others ..

IC - Instrument Cluster

TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System

PTS - Parktronics (parking sensors)

UCP - Upper Control Panel - the one under the radio.

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AMG - Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach
CEL - Check Engine Light
ABS – Anti-Lock Brakes
ABRS – Air Bag Restraint System
AIS – Air Injection System
Alt. – Alternator
A/T – Automatic Transmission
ATC – Automatic Temperature Control
ATF – Automatic Transmission Fluid
AWD – All Wheel Drive
AXOD – Automatic Transaxle Overdrive
B+ – Battery Positive Voltage
BCM – Body Control Module
BHP – Brake Horsepower
BOO – Brake On-Off Switch
BTU – British Thermal Unit
CAT – Catalytic Converter
CCC – Computer Command Control
CDI – Capacitor Discharge Ignition
CTS – Coolant Temperature Sensor
DEFI – Digital Electronic Fuel Injection
DFI – Digital Fuel Injection
DIC – Driver Information Center
DIS – Distributorless Ignition System
DLC – Data Link Connector
ECT – Engine Coolant Temperature
EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection
EI – Electronic Ignition
EVIC- Electronic Vehicle Information Center
FI – Fuel Injection
FLS – Fluid Level Sensor
FWD – Front-Wheel Drive
GDI – Gasoline Direct Injection
GPM – Grams Per Mile
GPS – Global Positioning System
GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight
HC – Hydrocarbons
H/D – Heavy Duty
HLDT – Headlight
hp – Horsepower
HP – High Performance
Hz – Hertz(Cycles Per Second)
IFI – Indirect Fuel Injection
Inj. – Injector
IP – Instrument Panel
KAPWR – Keep Alive Power
KM/H – Kilometers Per Hour
kV – Kilovolt
LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
L/D – Light Duty
LED – Light Emitting Diode
LWB - Long Wheel-Base
mA – Milliamps
MFI - Multiport Fuel Injection
MIL – Malfunction Indicator Light
MPI – Multi-Point (Fuel) Injection
MPV – Multi-Purpose Vehicle
mV – Millivolts
NOX – Oxides of Nitrogen
O2S – Oxygen Sensor
OBD – On-board Diagnostics
OD – Overdrive
OE – Original Equipment
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
O/S – Oversize
OS – Oxygen Sensor
P/B - Power Bakes
P/N – Part Number
PA – Pressure Air
PAS – Power-Assisted Steering
PCM – Powertrain Control Module
PGM-FI – Programmed Fuel Injection
PNP – Park Neutral Position Switch
P/N – Park/Neutral
PPM – Parts Per Million
PRNDL – Park Reverse Neutral Drive Low
P/S – Power Steering
PSI – Pounds Per Square Inch
PSP – Power Steering Pressure
PTC – Pending Trouble Code
PTO – Power Take-Off
PWR – Power to Weight Ratio
R/A - Resume or Accelerate
RABS - Rear Anti-lock Brake System
RAC – Remote Accessory Controller
RAM – Remote Anti-theft Module
RAV – Remote Activation Verification
RCC – Rear Climate Control
RCC – Remote Climate Control
RCDLR – Remote Control Door Lock Receiver
RDCM – Right Door Control Module
RDM – Rear Door Module
RDS - Radio Display System
RECAL – Recalibration
RECIRC - Recirculation
RECIS – Remote Entry Control and Immobilizer System
RESC - Remote Emergency Satellite Unit
REX – Rear Exchanger
RF – Radio Frequency
RF – Right Front
RFA – Remote Function Actuator
RFI - Radio Frequency Interference
RFWS – Right Front Wheel Speed
RIM - Radio Interface Module
RIM – Rear Integration Module
RKE – Remote Keyless Entry
Rly – Relay
RM - Relay Module
RMD - Right Mid Door
RPA – Rear Parking Assist
RPM – Remote Power Module
RPM – Revolutions Per Minute
RPO – Regular Production Option
R & R – Remove and Replace
RR – Right Rear
RRD – Right Rear Door
RSA – Rear Seat Audio
RSC – Roll Stability Control
RSS – Reverse Sensing System
RSS – Road Sensing Suspension
R/T – Road/Track
RV – Recreational Vehicle
RVAC – Rear Video/Audi/HVAC Module
RWAL – Rear Wheel Anti-lock
RWD – Rear Wheel Drive
RWS – Rear Wheel Steer
SC – Supercharged
SEFI – Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
SES – Service Engine Soon
SFI – Sequential Fuel Injection
SIL – Shift Indicator Light
SIR – Supplemental Inflatable Restraint
SIPS – Side Impact Protection System
SPFI - Sequential Port Fuel Injection
SRI – Service Reminder Indicator
SRS – Secondary Restraint System
SS – Speed Sensor
Sw. – Switch
SWB – Short Wheel-Base
TACH – Tachometer
TB – Throttle Body
TC- Turbocharged
TD – Turbo Diesel
TDI – Turbo Direct Injection
TPI – Tuned Port Injection
V – Valve
Vac. – Vacuum
VAPS – Variable Assist Power Steering
VIN - Vehicle Identification Number
VOM – Volt-Ohmmeter
VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor
MB = Mercedes Benz.
MBZ = Mercedes Benz.
Benz = Mercedes Benz.
Mercedes = Mercedes Benz.
MBCC = Mercedes Benz Credit Corporation.
AMG = Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach (Mercedes Benz racing).

Gasser = gas powered engine.
Diesel = diesel powered engine.
SVO = straight vegetable oil powered engine.
WVO = waste vegetable oil powered engine.
OE = Original Equipment = built to the exact same specification/print as parts installed at the factory.

E.H.A. Valve...(Electro-Hydraulic Actuator)

4MATIC – 4 Wheel Drive
TC – Transmission Control
A/C – (Automatic) Air Conditioning (Automatic)
A/C – (Tempmatic) Air Conditioning (Tempmatic)
AAC – Automatic Air Conditioning
AAM – All Activity Module
AB – Supplemental Restraint System (Airbag)
ABS – Anti-lock Brake System
ACSR – Automatic Child Seat Recognition
ADM – Automatic Dimming Inside Rearview Mirror
ADS – Automatic Damping System (Suspension)
AIR – Secondary Air Injection
AKR – Anti-Knock Regulation
AP – Accelerator Pedal
APS – Auto Pilot System
AS – Antenna System
ASD – Automatic Locking Differential
ASR – Acceleration Slip Regulation
AT – Automatic Transmission
ATA – Anti-theft Alarm System
BA – Backup Assist
BARO – Barometric Pressure
BCAPC – Barometric Pressure-charge Air Pressure Compensation
BDC – Bottom Dead Center
BM – Base Module (Master Ecu Controller)
BPC – Barometric Pressure Compensation
CA – Closing Assist
CAN – Controller Area Network
CC – Cruise Control (Tempomat)
CCM – Combination Control Module
CDC – Cd Changer
CF – Convenience Feature
CFI – Continuous Fuel Injection
CKA – Crank Angle
CKP – Crankshaft Position
CL – Central Locking
CLUS – Instrument Cluster
CMP – Camshaft Position
CNS – Communication and Navigation System
CST – Cabriolet Soft Top
CTEL – Cellular Telephone
CTP – Closed Throttle Position (Idle)
CTU – Central Triggering Unit
DAS – Driver Authorization System
DFI – Electronic Distributor-type Fuel Injection
DI – Distributor Ignition System
DM – (USA) Diagnostic Module (Emissions)
DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code
EA – Electronic Accelerator
EAG – Electronic Automatic Transmission Control
EATC – Electronic Automatic Transmission Control
EBR – Engine Brake Regulation
ECL – Engine Coolant Level
ECT – Engine Coolant Temperature
EDC – Electronic Diesel Control
EDR – Electronic Diesel Regulation
EDS – Electronic Diesel System
EDW – Anti-theft Alarm System
EFP – Electronic Accelerator
EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGS – Electronic Transmission Control
EI – Electronic Ignition (distributorless)
EIFI – Electronic In-line Fuel Injection
EL – Exterior Lighting
EMSC – Electric Mirror, Steering Column Adjustment, Heated Mirrors
EPC – Electronic Power Control
ERE – Electronic In-line Fuel System
ESA – Electric Seat Adjustment
ESC – Electric Steering Column Adjustment
ESCM – Engine System Control Module
ESP – Electronic Stability Program
ETC – Electronic Transmission Control
ETR – Emergency Tensioning Retractor
ETS – Electronic Traction System
EVAP – Evaporative Emission Control System
EVE – Electronic Distributor-type Fuel Injection
EZL – Distributor Ignition System
FAN – Fanfare Horns
FFS – Frame Floor System
FOM – Folding Outside Mirrors
FP – Fuel Pump
GIM – Governor Impulse Method
GM – Base Module (Master Ecu Controller)
HAU – Automatic Heater
HCS – Headlamp Cleaning System
HEAT – Automatic Heater
HFM – Hot Film Engine Management
HFS – Hands Free System
HHT – Hand Held Tester
HM – Heated Mirrors
HORN – Horn Signal System
HS – Heated Seats
IAT – Intake Air Temperature
IC – Instrument Cluster
IDC – In Dash Controller
IFI – Electronic In-line Fuel System(diesel)
IFZ – Infrared Remote Central Locking
IL – Interior Lighting
IR – Infrared
IRCL – Infrared Remote Central Locking
IRM – Inside Rearview Mirror
ISC – Idle Speed Control
KE – Continuous Injection System (Cis)
KFB – Convenience Feature
KI – Instrument Cluster
KLA – Air Conditioning
KS – Knock Sensor
KSS – Knock Sensor System
LH – LH Sequential Fuel Management Bank 1 (1-6 or 1-8 Cylinders)
LH2 – LH Sequential Fuel Management Bank 2 (7-12 Cylinders)
LHS – Left Hand Steering
LLR – Cruise Control
LOC – Low Compression
LS – Loudspeaker System
MAF – Mass Air Flow
MAP – Manifold Absolute Pressure
ME – Motor Electronics
MIL – Malfunction Indicator
Lamp – (Check Engine)
MSC – Mirror, Steering Column Adjustment, Heated Mirrors
MT – Manual Transmission
MVA – Manifold Vacuum Assist
MWH – Main Wiring Harness
NS – Network System (CAN)
O2S – Oxygen (O2) Sensor
OBD – On-board Diagnostics
OC – Oxidation Catalytic Convertor
OCP – Over-head Control Panel
ORM – Outside Rearview Mirror
OSB – Orthopedic Seat Backrest
PL – Power Lock
PML – Speed-sensitive Power Steering
PMP – Partial Intake Manifold Preheater
PNP – Park/neutral Position
PS – Power Steering
PSE – Pneumatic System Equipment
PTS – Parktronic System
PW – Power Windows
PWM – Pulse Width Modulation
RB – Roll Bar Control
RCL – Remote Central Locking
RD – Radio
REST – Residual Engine Heat Utilization
RHR – Retractable Rear Head Restraints
RHS – Rear Heated Seats
RPM – Revolutions Per Minute (Engine Speed)
RST – Roadster Soft Top
RTG – Retractable Trunk Lid Grip
RTR – Remote Trunk Release
RV – Roadster Soft Top
RWD – Rear Window Defroster
SBE – Seat Belt Extender
SLO – Starter Lock-out
SMS – Service Microfiche System
SOR – Seat Occupied recognition
SPS – Speed-sensitive Power Steering
SR – Sliding/Pop-up Roof
SRS – Supplemental Restraint System (Airbag)
STH – Stationary Heater
TB – Throttle Body
TC – Turbo Charger
TCM – Transmission Control Module
TD – Speed Signal (Time Division) (EZL)
TDC – Top Dead Center
TIC – Transistorized Ignition Control
TN – Speed Signal
TPC – Tire Pressure Control
TRAP – Trap Oxidizer
TS – Towing Sensor
TVV – Tank Ventilation Valve
TWC – Three Way Catalytic Convertor
ÜRB – Roll Bar Control
VAF – Volume Air Flow
VSS – Vehicle Speed Signal
WOT – Wide Open Throttle (Full Load)
WS – Wiper System


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