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It was my first chance to tear down an A20, this one from a 2006. It was pretty easy, although there were four buttons I could not remove.

The rubberized paint didn't fare too well, especially around the edges, so you might consider repainting while you have it out.

Keep up with which screws go where.

First, remove the top - three machine screws.

Second, remove the small square box inside by removing the three screws and sliding it rearward to disconnect it from the faceplate.

Third, remove the six machine screws that secure the faceplate to the radio (two per side, two on bottom).

The faceplate will pull straight off now, although you may need to push on the two steel latches to free it from the radio.

Disassembly of the face plate to access and remove the buttons is now a simple matter of piecemeal removal - a dozen or so screws perhaps. I suggest laying the screws and parts out in order as you remove them, it will aid in reassembly.

I couldn't remove the for buttons immediately below the display - the FM/AM/WB/SC buttons. If anybody knows how please post here!


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