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We've been making wind blockers/deflectors for almost ten years now. While a lot of things have changed, our commitment to excellence in our field stays the same. We're dedicated to making the best accessory for restricting airflow into your cabin! Our products are made for the r170, r171, and r172.

We're also a very "showy" product. We can laser engrave ANY graphic you desire, then light it up in one of eight different dazzling colors. We strive to become the perfect marriage of form AND function. We're proud to say we've shipped globally and have devoted customers across the world.

Right now if you decide to do business with us, we're happy to extend a 5% savings to you. Use the code "Paul5" . Our SLK customers have been awesome and we very much appreciate all the support and love from this corner of the internet. If you ever have any questions please private message me here or email me. You can contact me with the email addy [email protected] . Thank you so much for all the support.

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