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We had season tickets for years for Broadway Plays here in Kansas City. Today was Fiddler on the Roof. My Lady told me it was playing at the Kauffman Center, so we drove to that venue. As we approached the parking garage, it didn't look like the normal play-day busy traffic. Sure enough, after we parked we discovered that the opera was playing at the Kauffman. The play was at the Music Hall, which was a five block walk from the Kauffman. Close enough that we left La Bête parked at the Kauffman and set off to the Music Hall. While walking on the overpass that crossed I670 I spotted a familiar shape.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

Of course, I had to cross the street and check it out.
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Hood

The Lady is the light blue jacket in the upper left of the picture walking away is my Lady informing me that we will be late.
One quick picture of the front, then off at a run...
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

I caught up with my Lady and we made it to our seats before the show started. Then I remembered I had forgot to leave a card. :mad:

I hoped that the owner was also there to see the play.

The production was very good and we both enjoyed the show. Walking back to get La Bête I was pleased to see the car was still there. I quickly pulled out a card and placed in the window. I was getting ready to take a picture when I heard deja vu....

The clink of the door being unlocked.

I looked up and there was a older man and a younger woman looking at me. It turned out that it was a father and one of his daughters. The car belong to another daughter (he told me he had seven daughters, so the play was very appropriate). We talked a bit and I gave him the card. He made the comment that he was planning to repair one of the roof cylinders next week. I told him to visit SLKWorld for all the information and videos for doing that type of repair. I hope he decides to drop by.
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