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A Tale of Two Springs

The SLK 350 has two suspensions depending upon the model chosen. They are the Sport and Comfort or Standard. The Sport Spring, 1White2Gray, 202.324.25.04, or Suplex 19177.
Its length is approximately 12.795" (325 mm).

The Comfort(?), 2Red, 208.324.00.04, or Suplex 19038.
Its length is approximately 12.44" (316 mm). Except for the length, both springs have identical dimensions, number of coils, wire diameter, coil OD, coil ID, etc.

Note: The rubber hat/spacer that fits over the top of the spring is also different for the comfort suspension, 210.325.01.84.

Installation was a breeze. I backed the car up on Rhino ramps. Used a floor jack to raise it by the third member and supported the body of the vehicle with jack stands using the jack pockets. I left the wheels on and the shocks in place.

I removed the plastic cover over the Spring Link, Lower Control Arm or Lower Wishbone, and placed the floor jack under the inboard bolt on the Spring Link. With some tension on it, I was able to remove the bolt. I then lowered the jack and removed the spring.

This isn't as dangerous as one might think. The suspension is hanging down with the added weight of the rear wheels, the springs are mostly emasculated from causing any harm.

Assembly was equally easy. There is a rubber hat that goes over the top of the spring. The tail of the spring fits into a groove in the hat. The bottom tail of the spring fits into a pocket in the Spring Link.

I then jacked the Spring Link back up and lined its hole up with its attachment point reinserting and fastening the bolt. Leaving the wheel on gave me the leverage to line up the Spring Link.

And for your viewing pleasure, observe a skilled Mercedes-Benz technician at a local workshop perform an R&R of the rear springs:

So what is the difference between the Sport and Comfort springs? Frankly, I'm not sure. The ride height appears to be about the same! I haven't driven the car enough to detect much difference between the two.

We shall see if this was an exercise in futility! LOL >:D
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