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If your car is a Mercedes-Benz SLK r170, r171, or r172 make WindRestrictor your company for automotive accessories.

We can laser-etch ANYTHING onto your wind blocker on your SLK or SLC. Superheroes, movie posters, family portraits, car club logos, business advertisements etc. Your imagination is your only limit. It won't block your vision or fall off like decals and stickers. Plus, we emboss to your exact specifications. After your graphic is done, we light it up with one of eight different colored lights. You also have the option to use one of our accessories to get them all and cycle through.
A DIY project, your wind deflector will take about 90 minutes to install. We have technical support available and comprehensive instructions included. You'll notice a difference in airflow to your #convertible's cabin immediately. Our bracketing affords a firm fitting. Compare us to unsightly and unsafe plastic belts and straps. Your well-being should come first. We've tested our products at over 100mph. Forget about shaking and shimmying.

Use the link at the top to get a FREE lifetime warranty and save 10% on your purchase today!

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When they say 'proud' they mean it.
More than once they have sponsored Ride of The Month.

They are even sponsoring our current competition.

See thread for details:

Free entry for members.
A years premium subscription to our forum.
A RoTM badge to display.
Free entry to Ride of The Year, with more prizes on offer for this months winner.
And, thanks to our sponsor, a $100 voucher for Februarys winner.
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