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Mitsuoka Viewt Nadeshiko Is a Nisan Micra That Looks Like the Jaguar Mark 2 - autoevolution

Have you ever wondered what a Jaguar Mark 2 would look like as a hatchback? Of course not, since it and every other car from that era are best served as a 2-door coupe or svelte 4-door saloon. However, the Japanese tried making one anyway, and they started out with one of the girliest hatchbacks around, the Nissan Micra.

The Viewt Nadeshiko, as this pastille colored car is called, is developed by Mitsuoka Motors, the same company that gave us the Orochi. From the front, it looks just like the original Jaguar Mark 2. We see a tall chrome grille, a tapered bonnet that restricts access to the engine and some retro-delicious round headlights.

Even though it's outrageous to turn a Micra into something like this, we kind of like it. However, the side lets it down, as does the fact that it comes with a hatchback. Fake chrome bumpers can't hide the fact that Micra taillights are being used.

As standard, you can pick between one of five colors, including pink, black, purple, white and this greenish color. Furthermore, you can select from an additional 30 colors by paying extra (about $2,500).

As for the interior, it's a lot less elaborate, but you do get read leather seats with white piping and a white center console. The gear selector is a dead giveaway for what's under the bonnet: a 3-cylinder DOHC engine making 80 hp from its 1.2-liter displacement. With the CVT gearbox, that translates into 0 to 100 km/h in about 15 seconds. Awesome!

The upside is that the Butte Nadeshiko is cheap to run, easy to park and will only cost you 1,674,000 yen (€12,400 or $13,500).
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