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If you like seeing things blown up, this is your movie, But it takes a while to get going, so I recommend going to a bar & missing the first 10-15 minutes of the movie, but then you'll miss out on the punchline at the end. Once the story get going it becomes, how do these 4 people do everything & save the day?;) with a bunch of one liners & several battleship game references. If you like to see everything in a movie, theres a scene at the END of the credits that is referred to earlier in the movie. ;)

Snow White & The Huntsman, :tu:
A movie that HAS to be scene in a theatre, Great acting & incredibly scenery.
It is not a movie for children, The evil Queen is EVIL!
There is 1 scene that was lousy & if you see the movie I think you will agree with me.

Prometheus, :tu:
A movie that stands alone in the Alien series (you don't need to see any of the other Alien movies to figure out characters)
This is another movie that starts off slowly, but don't miss the beginning.
There is not a lot of blood or gore (Not nearly as much in the 1st Alien) but definitely lots of suspense & a few twists. Yes there is a Tag at the end of the credits.
If you like Sci Fi & or a great scare this is one to see. & have a drink or two after.:Beer:

Rock Of Ages, :confused:
If you like your 80's rock watered down, This is your movie.
The only thing that make this movie worth watching is Tom Cruise as Stacie Jaxx & is perhaps his best character next to Les Grossman From Tropic Thunder (Warning adult language)
There is however 1 scene in the movie that is very disturbing & when it happens you may realize Prometheus is far less disturbing, but you can tell its about to happen & you can close your eyes & go BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.
or chose to watch, but remember, it cannot be unseen!

If you have any other movie critiques, Or if you disagree with me please add you own critique to this thread. :tu:

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Add Avengers to your list - was a great mix of humor, action, and a bit of a story for good measure. Interestingly enough, I like it more than Prometheus, but I had high hopes for that one, and was disappointed. Ridley should have convinced the studios to let an R rating roll, and picked another writer! ;-)

Snow White's on the list if I can convince the wifey to free up another evening this week! :)
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