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2010 SLK55 AMG
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The mechanic I sent out to check the car before I bought it found that the A/C was low on gas. So last Monday I had it filled by Kwik Fit. However, it didn't work after that either.

Reading up on this (here and elsewhere), I found that you have to reset the system, which only someone with the proper tool (Xentry) could do. So on Wednesday I went up to Glouchester (Robin Lamb - from recommendations on the forum) which did that as well as clear all old (stored) errors and messages. There where a lot of them! A/C still didn't work unfortunately.

They claimed that the system had no gas, which is contradictory to the read they gave me and what the Kwik Fit guy told me (that it had no leak). A stored event was "low on gas" but the last page said that it had 6.2bar of pressure..

Kwik Fit gave me a full refund, but the guy shoved all 600g in there anyway and told me come back in a few day, which I did yesterday. He then checked the system again and it does not leak. Which is something I guess..

The read that they did in Glouchester did find the stored fault "9047 - The component or the signal line to the component B12 (Refrigerant pressure sensor) has Short circuit or Open circuit".

Not sure what that mean, but I read here somewhere that any faults in the front SAM require you to replace it altogether (which is apparently VERY expensive).. ?

That last page also talks about the A/C compressor, but I'm not sure what all those mean. I didn't feel well received by the guys in Glouchester. He tried explaining all this to me, but maybe all the conflicting reads confused him as well.
I'm going to have it read again and see what it actually say this time. Anything old is gone so anything in there is an actual problem.

But in the meantime, could someone shed some light on this? If it indeed is the pressure sensor, can that be replaced without changing the whole front SAM and what exact part (number) do I need? Can I change that myself or is it in such an awkward place that I have to take half the car apart to get to?

PS/EDIT: The car works perfectly otherwise. All things works exactly as they should, I just don't have any (ice) cold air blowing. So all the other SAM post doesn't seem to apply to me. They all talk about the "9000 error" and it being fried, so (a lot) things don't work.. Not so in my case..
Also, I'm 99% certain that all other stored errors is not valid either, they could be years old..

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