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Not many "Driving Stories" getting posted lately. Most of us have our SLK's tucked away for the winter. Me too. But this weekend delivered sunny temps in the mid 70's for two days in Feb. OMG, that feels good. Well having already rode the Harley all morning this past Saturday, I came home to meet up with "Miss Scarlett", (my fiance') to go for a drive. All the snow is melted and the sun was out. We dropped the top and took the scenic route to Lexington for dinner and plunder. As we poked along getting passed by Lexus hatch drivers and in general just enjoying the sunshine, I told Jane, that the only thing missing was a Mustang to play with. They are fun cause they sound fast so their owners assume they are fast, (some of them are fast). Most are only moderately quick.

We chuckled and recounted my last encounter with a "Fast Stang". It was before the 55AMG came to us and I was in my well modified Turbo MR2. It is not as fast as the AMG from a stop cause launching the midengine 2.0 liter turbo is hard to do, and the shifts are slower than most cars making its 1/4 mile times only in the mid 13's. What is deceptive however, is that in 3rd or 4th gear it is nearly as quick as the AMG and can pull from 60-70 to triple digits faster than it takes to read this. That is its sweet spot. That and twisty canyons. I had encountered a modded GT in the MR2 and smoked him badly in a pull from 70 to really fast thru 4th gear. The kid was crest-fallen and more so when I told him it was a 4 banger. >:D

Back to the present, and we tooled around the heart of the bluegrass and ended up at an amazingly elegant one of a kind restaurant named "Coba". After a dinner of some of the finest fish tacos this side of LA, we started to meander out of town. I had put the top up since it was getting dark and cooler out and we were on the outter 4-lane loop headed home when I noticed a White, 1998 Cobra convertible stalking us from behind. I was in the slow lane and he was moving up in the left lane and finally got even with us. We were in stop and go traffic as the lights cycled from red to green every half mile or so. We both had several cars in front of us and nowhere to go. At one point he was trolling along beside me and I detected the faint whine of a bolt on centrifugal supercharger. These were popular with these cars since they really only made about 305 hp stock. Doing some quick math, I figured that on mild boost that rig would make about 450hp at the crank but the blower would suck up about 50 of it leaving about 400 at the crank. But the convertibles are heavier and so we were about 100lbs lighter. Two people in each car. It would be interesting for sure. Might get embarrassed? So what?

I tried my best to get caught by a light with the both of us at the head of the line. But it was not to be. Cobra man eased into my lane behind me and followed at a respectful distance for about a mile and then turned right. Only as we slowly pulled away did he exhibit any hooligan antics by loudly revving his engine as he turned away. They do sound very fast, :wink:

No kills (cept for the MR2 and it don't count) and no more excitement the rest of the way home. We propped our feet up and popped the cork on a nice bottle of Bordeux and watched the "Cat's" play. Oh we did kill the bottle of wine and the CAT's got killed by Texas A&M in overtime. Boo :crying:

The stang looked like the pic below only white. Pretty car. Sounded fast, lol



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