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We can all agree that speeding can have terrible consequences, that it’s bad. Speeding in a school zone is even worse, considering the potential for tragedy. But Victor Coella has very special circumstances, the kind that pull at the heartstrings and can even bring a tear to the eye.

It certainly did for Judge Caprio, as you can see in the video available at the bottom of the page. It was recorded in the courtroom at the end of last month, but has only gone viral recently.

Coella is in court after being charged with speeding in a school zone. Judge Caprio doesn’t offer more details about the arrest, but he doesn’t have to: Coella is there to tell his story and it totally excuses his transgression.

As the nonagenarian explains, he only drives on occasion – and it’s not even the kind you’d want. His 60-year-old son is “handicapped” and has cancer so, every 2 weeks, he takes him for blood work. When he was pulled over for speeding, he was on the way to the doctor’s office.

“I don’t drive that fast, Judge,” Coella says. “I’m 96 years old and I drive slowly, and I only drive when I have to.”

As Coella is struggling to fight back tears, Judge Caprio is overwhelmed by emotion as well. He is so touched by this man’s story that he decides to dismiss the case against him. After all, a father caring for his son is an admirable thing, even if he (the father) occasionally breaks the law for it.

“You are a good man. You are a good man,” the Judge says. “You really are what America is all about. Here you are in your 90s, and you’re still taking care of your family. That’s just a wonderful thing.”

Grab your hanky and see for yourself.

Video here
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