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Yes, my Betty picked me up in a Bar 8 years ago. It was a slow Night I was abit horny and the Scence was slow i closed out my Tap looked at the Bartenders Fenders and out of no where 2 my left was that Woman.....:):):)

A Smile like a Chrome Grill from a 49 Ford. :rb:rb Boobs like a Long Nose on a 67 Peterbilt. And that Rear of Hers dawn it just like out of a Sears Catalog.......

Her Nails had my fav Color ya know i watch out 4 Details....:hail:

just like i do on my R170. .... She bought a couple of Pints showed my her Bra Strap on the left shoulder gave me a peek in Public......

I followed her 2 the Car after a couple of Pints.... Big Mistake... She placed her Phone Number in them lacy Knickers just 2 give me a peek of 3rd Base........ Big Mistake i was so taken by them Lacy Fancy Knickers and her Number and yes abit drunk too i overlooked them 2 Car Seats in the Rear.:confused::confused:

I the Berliner a Man of Details got carried away by Knickers and a Number from a Bar Vampire with Kinderseats......:(:(:(:(

Shame on my brain for that Moment.:td:......

Lets turn that Clock up abit say 8 Years.... Yep she still got the same Number i got them Knickers in a special Place in my Garage ........:):)

Remember them Kinder Seats in her Car ???? Oh i so remember.... My Brain told me 2 run but them Knickers with a Phone Number made me come back and ask 4 more.:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:

Well, i got my Option List from the Bar Vampire with Kinder Seats ........ 8 Years later i just got a Bill from Vic Secrets mailed 2 me 4 her Teen Girls.....:(

Tonight was our special Day.... I remembered the lacy Knickers and the Phone Number. What Number ?????? Them Knickers ..... Holly Holmer i can tell you if it was a 400 or 1200 made in India.:biglaugh::biglaugh:

No i did not forget about my Betty,s special Day..... I just can,t remember them last 8 Years from the lacy Knickers with the Phone Number and Kinder Seats 2 me posting this and share abit at 4/21.2012 at 2.23 Am....:(

No wonder my Betty was abit Huffy me coming Home taking that cold Beer between her Boobs from her while she was standing in Lingerie in my unfinished Garage while i was walking 2 the Boys next Door........:biglaugh::biglaugh:

Yeap 8 Years went by her special Day was 2day i came in abit late tired ready 4 a cold Beer...... no i did not 4 get about her Day. She got no idea.... what the Berliner gonna do 4 Her 2 tomorow....

Yes call me the Berliner a Wurst i failed 8 Years ago at the Bar ...... lace Phone Number Kinder Seats ........ My Frankfurter told me run like Hell....

Stupid me 8 Year later i let her talk 2 the Sales Men........:(:(:(:(

You might call me a Wurst ....:biglaugh::biglaugh: But honestly i love my Life a cold Beer in Lingerie Female Stuff in my Kitchen and my Betty.........

I the Berliner can not afford buying an R 172 Amg..... but i shure love my Betty having a cold Beer in Lingerie......

at no extra Cost..... well my Slk is not perfect........somebody here on this Site might call me Slk whipped abit.....:(:(

Nope I the Berliner found the Love of my Life an R170 that gave me no Problems at all for over 30k. A Betty that chanced my Life in 8 Years......

And why do i wanna be Hip again??:biglaugh::biglaugh:

Pardon 4 sayin so ..... The Slk Option List ......:biglaugh::biglaugh:

Hate 2 tell you that cold Budweiser in Lingerie ... Awesome .....

Driving Home in the new R172 Amg at 75k Plus hitting the Garage Door Door no cold Beer no Betty waiting 4 you....

A lonely Slk Life....

The Car and the Owner gonna have a Problem ..... At the Dealer......:biglaugh::biglaugh:

My R170 has not seen an Oil Change in 12k my Bettys Sweet Pants with the Holes from 20 Years ago finally found the Light. . Why i am telling you all this .....Honestly i got no Idea....:Beer:

But the Way my Betty makes Waffles watching her in Lingerie moving them Kitchen Tools .... I know the R170 is fine and the Honey 2 do List just got abit longer,,,,,,,,

Ooooh i so miss them single Days:)
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