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No idea what the guy was thinking.

I've just scoped the specs. Not even the top kitted Alpha G is competition for the Nissan Murano SUV so why bug a 55?

On dual carriageway gently cruising up on the Alpha when we come to a roundabout.
I'm in the outside lane, he the inside and nothing else in front of us.
He lane changes at the last second.
I thought 'Pillock, must be turning right' and switch to the left and gently start to take him on the turn.

Then I notice he's indicating to go straight on, as am I.

Quick demo of 55 potential (not floored, just tickled), then back to cruising.

Up until this point he wasn't on a mission, just enjoying a nippy cruise, but at a slightly slower rate than me.

Once the dual road finishes I noticed him a dozen or so cars back. Picking off his 'prey' one at a time.

Could not resist. Roads relatively quiet, wet but with bends and decent straights it's a bite moment.

Evil Avel Du surfaced. I'm a biker and lane changes to block...ahem...upset me, so to speak.

I didn't just want to beat him, I wanted to repeatedly beat him to see if he'd back off.

So I'd have a little pop, ease off and check his moves.

Kept coming.

After 20 miles of this and hitting very local roads I was tempted to park up let him go.
Darn that evil side!
Burnt him so he'd stay burnt on a 1/2 mile stretch with no cameras, turn off, farm gates etc etc.

I will say that at no point did he go into to crazy mode. eg overtaking on bends or in 30 limits.

Had he gone mental I'd have just pulled up and had a tab whilst he disappeared.

Message to that Alpha G owner.

IF you beat a 55

we're having a laugh at your expense.

IF you beat any SLK,

word has spread about you and a lot more people are aware it's you.

Keep an eye open for his Reg # P L 0 1V K A ( the gap between the 1 + V is much closer.):wink:

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Good story,a nd a very cool way to call someone out on their "questionable" driving habits. I love to hear stories about how others drive, I just get a kick out of them,
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