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In a release about the sales of the Mercedes-Benz brand in August 2016, there’s plenty of information that couldn’t be more boring than snail racing. However, there’s a line which reads that the German company has sold more than four million sport utility vehicles and 15,000 units of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

Let’s crunch those numbers, one by one. First of all, the Mercedes-Maybach milestone. Back when Maybach was an independent outfit, the company had built few production vehicles between 1921 and the end of World War II. It’s believed that about 1,800 cars have been made by Maybach before WWII.

After things settled down in Europe, Maybach focused its efforts on other things, then it was acquired by Daimler-Benz the 1960s. Simply put, Maybach stopped producing cars altogether. Then Daimler resurrected Maybach as a full-on car company, but that didn’t turn out well either.

In late 2011, Daimler announced that the Maybach line (57 and 62) will cease to exist as of 2013. The decision came due to poor sales (approximately 3,000 vehicles sold between 2002 and 2013) and the financial crunch of 2007 - 2008. Rough arithmetics suggest that the Maybach brand had sold 5,000 production vehicles or thereabout since its inception through 2013.

It’s definitely surprising that the one-year-old Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand (April 2015 - present) had surpassed everyone’s expectations, with more than 15,000 luxed-up S-Class sedans sold to date.

Regarding the four million SUVs milestone, Mercedes-Benz doesn’t mention how it calculated the tally. Is M-B talking about every jacked-up model sold since the first-gen G-Class (1979) or since the first-gen M-Class (1997)?

Whatever the answer, this figure is a testament to how SUVs have morphed from utilitarian workhorses in the 20th century to must-haves in the 21st century. As per Mercedes-Benz, the most popular sport utility vehicles it sold in the month of August 2016 are the GLA and the GLC.

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