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This latest spy video from our German spotter WalkoArt shows a couple of slightly different prototypes wearing decreasing amounts of camouflage. You can begin to see the taillights with an upside-down triangle shape, a bit like the CLA and CLS, but more angular and pronounced.

The design of the S-Class is probably going to influence all the other Mercedes models, not the other way around. But the company still wasn't able to make the flagship without the fake exhausts we hate so much. At least the AMG will have mufflers connected to the tips.

The footage also shows that Mercedes is still playing hide and seek with the door handles, which are completely covered up on the passenger side and have fake trim on the driver side. Meanwhile, at the front, cool new laser headlights are shining bring and a massive section of the grille gets occupied by the radar autonomous tech.

We honestly don't know very much about the engines which will power this beast. However, it's reasonable to expect that the familiar inline-4 and inline-6 turbocharged units will be accompanied by EB Boost tech, maybe even plug-in hybrid electric motors in a couple of cases.

And while no big changes can be expected on that front, we can expect some amazing AMGs. The S63 should have standard AWD with drift mode, while a 640 HP version of the 4-liter bi-turbo V8 will help move this larger sedan body. And to top it all off, there's going to be a $200,000 hybrid V8, the S73. At least that's what rumors based on patent filing said.

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