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Woha is MB working with Dodge again??

There's not a dull day in Stuttgart, as the Mercedes-Benz elves are constantly working on something new and expensive. In the last couple of weeks, they started on a new chapter, the mid-life facelift for the whole E-Class family, including this W213 sedan

Every time a facelift for a German car, we're surprised by how soon it comes. It seems each automaker has about 50 or so derivates, so we never get fully accustomed to each model. And for the record, the W213 only entered production in 2016.

The cosmetic changes are obviously not going to be as dramatic as the W212 facelift in 2013 because Mercedes didn't mess up its original design. But this time around, the design elements from models like the CLS and GLE are trickling down.

While the E-Class won't get narrow, squinting eyes, like the CLS, it will have a similar LED brow. It seems Mercedes is dropping the idea of having a set number of character lines according to the model's standing (S-Class has 3, E-Class has 2).

WalkoArt managed to capture the new front end for the E-Class in quite a lot of detail. See if you can make out anything new, perhaps a lack of side vents. The rear of the prototype wasn't filmed, but we know from previous spyshots that designers have only now begun work on that end of the car so that you wouldn't see anything fresh anyway.

The refreshed E-Class could debut as late as 2020, and the Benz people have two other important sedan projects testing in parallel. There's 2020 S-Class (W223), which is their technological spearhead, and the all-new C-Class (W206), which is looking very elegant and promising.

Even though a fresh batch of inline-6 engines has just been dropped under all their hoods, we wouldn't be surprised if even more powertrains come out. For example, we could begin to see PHEVs with an EV range of up to 100 km/h.

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