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The E-Class Coupe is a car with few rivals. Audi doesn't make a 2-door version of the A6, and neither does BMW with its 5 Series. However, it's still one of the most beautiful luxury models of this type, with styling that echoes icons of the past.

So what exactly do they need to change? Well, we just have to look where the camouflage is to get a rough idea. At the front, we once again see refreshed headlights, which have a new LED brow resembling that of the CLS four-door coupe, a close relative.

At the same time, the shape of the bumper and main grille are being streamlined to a more elegant appearance. Not much is going on down the side of this prototype, but that's to be expected. Meanwhile, the back end of the E-Class Coupe sports mildly tweaked taillights.

With this being the first sighting of the updated model, it might be a bit early for a new bumper. But both the C-Class and S-Class Coupe models only had minor tweaks as well.

The C238, which is the codename of this body style, went into production back in 2016 and received gradual upgrades. For example, three engines have been discontinued this year, the V6-powered E 350 d and 400 plus the E 300 with 245 HP. In their place, the model gained the latest mild-hybrid units based around an inline-6 architecture. Also this year, the AMG E 53 was added, boasting 435 HP and EQ Boost.

The last powerful E-Class model you can buy is the 200 Coupe, boasting just 184 HP for those who only do a few town miles. We don't foresee any changes to the range, but the latest MBUX system might trickle down from the GLE to all these facelift E-Class versions.

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2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Nearly Revealed by Latest Spyshots

The CLA II seems comfortable in its skin and doesn't feel the need for over-the-top design elements such as sharp creases and prominent fender flares. However, we still think that it's too understated when compared to the VW Arteon.

There just isn't that sense that you've bought an expensive German-made coupe. Of course, the interior will compensate for that, and you will still be able to order an AMG body kit without the powerful engine.

Not surprisingly, the appearance is similar to the larger CLS four-door coupe, but with a bit of compact car flair. We're referring to the headlights, which are unlike anything else Mercedes makes at the moment.

The rear three-quarter view suggests the new CLA is longer than the older model and has a better trunk. Longer taillights now cut across the opening, which is cool, but Mercedes' obsession with fake exhaust tips is in full view.

With its tail lifted up in the air a little, the four-door coupe lets us see its fully independent rear suspension, something most A-Class sedan models don't have. Its track will be wider for better stability but don't confuse this for a sporty type of coupe.

While the CLA 45 will try to steal customers away from the Porsche Cayman with its ballistic launch control, most of the other engines will be civilized and refined. The range is pretty much revealed already and will include things like a 1.3-liter with up to 163 HP, two new 2.0-liter diesels (150 and 190 HP) and even a 1.5 from Renault. Also, engineers are working on a CLA 35 4Matic, which will directly compete with the Audi S3 sedan.
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