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2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE Spied Up Close, Will Have a Much Stronger Identity - autoevolution

The Mercedes-Benz GLE is perhaps the perfect embodiment of the what we've learned to define as the difference between "new" and "all-new" - while the current model's fresh designation actually conceals a facelift of the 2012-launched ML, the 2019 GLE we see in these spyshots will be an all-new development.

These images bring allow us to zoom in on the SUV and, despite the tons of cladding and the psychedelic wrap, we can still tell the 2019 GLE will come with a much better-defined visual identity.

The styling of the high-riding Merc will be influenced by the next-generation G-Class. Once the 2018 Gelandewagen debuts, mixing its current boxy design with a more modern and spacious approach, it will pass down its rugged genes to all future Mercedes-Benz SUVs.

For instance, you can see the bold wheel arches on this 2019 GLE prototype and these should make it into production - the rugged terrain visual identity could be limited to details, but it will be present.

Despite the serious camo, we can see a generously-sized front grille, while the air intakes are also hefty.

However, the interior changes brought by the second incarnation of the GLE will be even greater. It all starts with the new MHA architecture. This will bring a boost in terms of cabin space, while it could also see the SUV shed a bit of weight. As for the cabin design, we've already been able to take a peek inside the 2019 GLE, showing you the pair of wide screens resembling those on the W213 E-Class.

Speaking of the new E-Class, this will lend more than the "E" in its name and various interior pieces to the next GLE. And we're talking about the engine line-up here. Aside from the new engines we've met on the sedan, next year should see the automaker making its straight-six return, so the GLE will benefit from this.

The prototypes still have plenty of miles to rack up before the 2018 debut of the new GLE and we'll be back on the topic as soon as we get our hands on fresh details.

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Interesting! After today's SLK AMG photoshoot in Warwickshire, I followed something which looked just like the GLE on the B4100 from Gaydon towards Banbury (the camouflage and rear light set up were the same as have been shown for this prototype).

Boring, boxy looking thing - not my cup of tea at all. Yet another Muttiwagen which will doubtless clutter the roads between home and brats' school....
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