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And another ugly front end from MB :frown:

The pic below looks like they just glued the front to the body.:surprise::laugh:

The new 2019 A-Class sedan is a gateway car, and Mercedes-Benz aren’t being coy about it. They’ve designed it to draw in a new, younger generation of buyers and get them hooked on the brand, filling the sedan with enticing new tech you’d normally have to pay through the nose for.

“It is significant in that it’s the first car in the Mercedes-Benz line-up to get our new MBUX system, and this goes to our democratization of technology,” Rob Moran, Director of Communications Mercedes-Benz USA, pointed out to me. “You used to see the latest technology would be on our most expensive cars, but now we’re putting it on our most important cars in our launch and that’s why the A-Class is going to be the first one with this technology.”
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