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Strangely, the first wrap we've seen for the all-new G63 AMG is also one of the strangest we've seen all year.

According to Instagram, this bad boy belongs to one Lena G, a blonde bombshell from Russia who's bio only says "Married gafurov666." Does that imply this G-Class was a gift from her husband?

In any case, a quick internet search revealed the beauty owned the previous G63, which she also had tuned, as well as his-and-hers matching Bentley Bentaygas. Somebody needs to contact the Russian equivalent of the IRS.

In any case, the wrap seems to be inspired by Japanese mascots. It's mostly made up of flowers with a few oddball bunny-eared characters sprinkled in for good measure. Based on her other posts, we can tell you that the G63 used to be a very rich shade of British racing green.

We could say that the wrap was done in bad taste, but we run the risk of it being put together for charity. Anyway, you can tell us what you think in the comments section below or leave Lena herself a slice of your thoughts.

We very much like the fact that the G63 looks like the old car, and so do the people with luxury lifestyles. There's a variety of other big SUVs you can buy, and it's nice to see some folks are even starting family collections.

The interior has been completely modernized, bringing it up to date with the rest of the Mercedes lineup. You're going to see lots of Russian oligarchs filming themselves behind the wheel, showing off their gold watches against those gorgeous twin displays.

It's certainly more comfortable to drive on the road, and even though the V8 is a little smaller, this G63 is a little bit faster than before. It rocks the 0 to 100 km/h charge in just 4.2 seconds and will keep on going to 250 km/h, which the old one didn't do.
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