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We once again come across analog speedometer and rev counter, which do pack a massive display between them, but all-digital fans shouldn't fret. That's because superior trim levels will offer such an approach, just as it happens on the W213 E-Class sedan.

Nevertheless, the new E Coupe does bring a fresh dashboard air vent design, one whose dynamic, futuristic lines seem much more suitable to the profile of the two-door model.

Another important detail highlighted in the piece of spy footage you can find at the bottom of the page is the third side window - as those of you tuned into our spy stories know, Mercedes-Benz tried to pull an Audi A5 trick on us, camouflaging the rear side glass of the E Coupe as if this came from its Ingolstadt rival.

Well, thanks to the cabin view offered by this clip, we can now see the border between the second and the third side window clearly. And since the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe follows its predecessor down the no-B-pillar route, the side view of the model remains on the spectacular side.

After all, not everybody will order the 600 hp league E63 uber-fast versions of the Coupe, so the two-door model needs to please the eye even without the overly aggressive lines of the Affalterbach-massaged versions.

It's worth noting that we've already seen prototypes that have shed most of their exterior camo (unlike the one we have here), so you can check out this story for the standard bodykit or this article for the AMG Exterior Package.

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