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It seems like we’re getting closer and closer to the unveiling of the new S-Class Cabriolet model as the state of the car in the video below seems to suggest. The camouflage on it is barely existent and since we already know how the Coupe looks like, it’s not even that hard to imagine what hides under it.

Mercedes seemingly chose to go with a textile roof cover and the reasons for such a choice are rather self-explanatory. For some, going with a hardtop would’ve been the more logical pick considering that the S-Class is all about quietness, comfort and all that. However, from the engineering point of view, this is the way to go.

The main reason for that is that you save some cherished weight a more than needed compromise when it comes to this luxobarge. Since the S-Class platform used underneath the sheet metal isn’t all that light in the first place and you also get the complicated mechanisms needed to fold the roof, some cuts had to be made.

Don’t worry though, with the advancements made in the field, we’re pretty sure that you won’t feel the need for extra protection during winters.

Don’t expect big changes in styling both in and outside of the car though. Imagine a Coupe model without a roof and you get the Convertible as it’s going to be on the floor of this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Inside the engine compartment

Under the bonnet the same line-up of engines will be used, comprised of only V8 and V12 plants. The least powerful version will be the S500 (S550 in the US) that comes with a 4.7-liter V8 making 450 HP. Chances are it’s going to be replaced by the new 4-liter V8 twin-turbo unit on the AMG GT making roughly the same power. You know, it’s all in the name of ‘reducing fuel consumption’.

We could also see some AMG versions out there but those will take even longer to develop and we’ll have to see if Mercedes considers there’s a proper market for them in the first place. Either way, the S-Class Cabriolet will surely be unique in its segment, rivaling the Bentley Continental GTC.

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