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After the regular A-Class hatchback was spied with no camouflage sporting a new type of green paint last week, we have new photos of the A45 AMG facelift in white and boasting fresh carbon fiber details.

Like the previous Edition 1 models that were only available for the first year of production, this prototype is packed with aero parts made from carbon. In these photos, you can see just how aggressive the rear wing and diffuser are, indicating that the A45 has been honed for the track.

At the front, the design changes are quite serious. The whole front bumper has been changed and now mirrors the design of the C63 AMG, a more masculine look. We expect that once the camo comes off, the grille and headlights will also appear changed, as will the graphics in the taillights.

Reports have been indicating that the M133, which is the first four-cylinder turbo Mercedes-AMG engine, will get a power boost from 360 PS to 380 or 385. This ensures Mercedes is one step ahead of rival company Audi in the horsepower war going on in the hot hatch segment.

The regular A-Class models will be introduced this July. However, the A45 will debut closer to September's Frankfurt Motor Show. We expect the added kit to result in price increases, making the already expensive AMG product and even more forbidding ownership proposition. The hot hatch could be rebadged as the Merceds-AMG A45 S, mirroring how the updated SLS GT became the successor of the first SLS version.

For some, only the best will do, even if you are talking about a hatchback that costs Porsche Cayman money. The future of performance compacts from Mercedes-Benz seems secure. Not only is the company thinking ahead to the next generation of the A-Class, but the MFA architecture will also be used for a small coupe that will rival the Audi TT with around 400 horsepower from the same 2-liter mill.
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