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Welcome from Canada 🙂

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Welcome from Wirral, England.

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Welcome from Portland, Oregon. Enjoy the forum and the top down driving.

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Welcome to from Northern California
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I have just purchased a SLK AMG55.
When I reverse park with the steering on full lock, I hear a loud metal clunking sound from the front end. Someone told me its normal and caused by not to use full lock.
Is this correct and caused by ?
Its perfectly normal and is tyre skip which is particularly prevelant when the tyres are cold. By the way welcome from Mersea Island, Essex, UK and another SLK55 owner.

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Welcome from Gloucester uk
As Martin said, this is normal on cold tyres, not so obvious in summer. I had it on mine until I replaced the front tyres a few back but I know it will come back as the tyres wear.
There’s a lot about it on the AMG private lounge and it seems to affect all models.

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Great choice great car! Metal clunking? If it only happens in reverse the drag on the suspension is in the opposite direction so it could be tyres but why metal sound? Try gently applying brakes while reversing, see if it gets better or worse? My old 55 gets musical sometimes and thrust arm bushes can knock. When I get to full lock I always back off a fraction. Steering hydraulics?


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Hi and welcome to from the UK Midlands - Thanks for joining us and posting an intro! :)

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Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!
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