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2010 University of Maryland Spring Meet for Charity

hosted by College Park Tuning with help from Sigma Chi

• Thousands of different cars
• Dyno pulls
• Live DJ
• 50/50 Raffle
• Raffle Prizes
We will be asking for 1(or more) non-perishable food item per person as they enter the lot. If you forget to bring an item or prefer not to, we will collect a $1 donation on your way into the lot. All the donations collected from admission, food sales and the 50/50 raffle are going to be donated to Martha’s Table (

University of Maryland – College Park Campus, Parking Lots 9 & 11. Overflow parking at the View and Lot 4
*Once these lots fill up they become exit only for the rest of the day (this is a police rule we have to follow)*
Directions to Campus Map of parking
*Expect heavy traffic, we are sorry for this inconvenience and will be trying to move people in/out of the meet as quickly as possible*

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Noon, 12:00 pm. If you show up before this time you will NOT be let into the parking lot
We usually start packing things up at 7pm

• BBQ, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs on the grill
• Soft drinks and other refreshments
*There will be a separate place just for water*

• $75.00 for 2 - 3 baseline pulls w/ A/F and printout. FWD or RWD only
• If you are interested in dynoing your car, please send an email to [email protected] or follow this link. We are trying to have people pre-register for the dyno.

Basic Rules
1. Be respectful of other peoples cars. Please do not touch a persons car without their consent
2. No tents
3. No alcohol
4. No grills (you can bring other food or drinks)
5. No scandalous attire (this is a family event)
6. Chairs are permitted everywhere but a parking space
7. No saving spaces (You might wind up next to a Honda or a Ferrari and maybe make a new friend)
8. No burnouts or anything stupid. Police will be at the event and patrolling the surrounding roads.

If anyone is going, please PM me or email me at [email protected]. It would be nice to meet up with other SLKs and roll there together.
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