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I thought I'd but together a list of So Cal SLK runs this year. Brief route descriptions with links to map routes and photos.

Glendora Ridge Run, 40 Miles
From Azusa to the Ridge to Mt Baldy for lunch then to the City.

Malibu Run, 57 Miles
From the Rock Store along Mulholland Hwy to Encinal Canyon Dr to Decker Canyon Rd to Pacific Coast Hwy to S Las Posas Rd to Hueneme Rd to W Potrero Rd to Lynn Rd to S Reino Rd back onto W Potrero Rd to S Westlake Blvd to to Decker Canyon Rd to Mulholland Hwy to Kanan Rd.

Mount Wilson Run, 54 Miles
From Angeles Crest Hwy to Angeles Forest Hwy to Upper Big Tujunga to Angeles Crest Hwy to Mt Wilson Red Box Rd to Mount Wilson back on Angeles Crest Hwy and the City

So Cal Winery - Palomar Maountain Run, 154 Miles
From Cooks Corner head off on Live Oak Canyon Rd / rabuco Canyon Rd to Plano Trabuco Rd to Santa Margarita Pkwy to Antonio Pkwy to Ortega Hwy to Grand Ave to Clinton Keith Rd to Tenaja Rd / Via Volcano to Avocado Mesa Rd / Los Gatos Rd to Carancho Rd to De Luz Rd to Rancho California Rd to Old Town Front St to Pala Rd / Pechanga Pkwy / Pala Rd to CA-76 to S Grade Rd to Palomar Mountain, CR-S7/E Grade Rd to CA-76 to CA-79 to Temecula Wine Country.

A couple AMG Private Lounge runs..

Sunrise Hwy - Stone Brewery Run, 73 Miles
From US 8, briskly drive along Sunrise Hwy to CA-79 to CA-78 to Escondido and the Beer.

Hwy 33 run, 167 Miles ( we went on the run yesterday)
From Ojai, CA-33/Maricopa Hwy to Lockwood Valley Rd / Frazier Mountain Park Rd back to Cuddy Valley Rd / Mil Potrero Hwy / Cerro Noroeste Rd to CA-166 to CA-33/Maricopa Hwy and back to Ojai

A lot of good people got together. Kudos to Gene and Jo for making the Malibu and Mount Wilson runs.

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