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2005 R171 Roof Water Leak

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I wanted to ask for some help.
I've been searching this (and other) forums for help on this, but I'm finding conflicting advice so wanted to ask for some assistance.

I've been getting water leaks from the roof and I first noticed this on the drivers side (UK so RHS) seat where after opening the door when it was raining I'd get a slow drip that would wet my leg as driving. However on a heavy prolonged downpour I can now see water on the seat as per the pictures below. This also happens on the passengers seat as well.
In addition I've also seen water behind the seat on the black plastic on either side as well.

I've used Gummi Pfledge on all seals and I think this did improve it, but if it does it doesn't seem to last long. I've read something to this affect on the 'net.

So any suggestions on solving this?

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Thanks, I've actually found better information by not searching!
I'll try some Krytox as well first, plus I've bought a cover for the SLK to keep control of the problem until I can get it properly sorted.

better info? where?
For instance I've now seen that there's a sticky thread.. that wasn't returned in what I searched for, well first few pages anyway on a mobile device.
And I found threads on noisy roofs, but the roof isn't noisy so that confused me.

Anyway I'm on the right track by just going through threads logically rather than relying on search.
use google to search our site if you haven't

go to google
type r171 water leak or any other combination of search terms

check out the threads you will find
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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