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Pulled up next to a 330i saloon over the weekend, at the roundabout leading onto the M69. He looked over, smirked and started racing onto the M69.

.... Eco off, "m" gunned it after him. Caught him up, stayed level, then noticed medium density traffic so calmed down... Then as I hit E and Eco, he wasn't done! He swerved into the tiniest gap between a Polo in the left lane and a van in the overtaking lane... I was shocked... realising HIS KIDS WERE IN THE BACK SEAT!!

Backed off, sent a prayer and noted not to race him again because he was truly tapped in the head. I'm all for a bit of fun but not when your kids are in the car.

Anyway... they have around 270hp and I still managed to catch him up, so I was happy as anything.... but seriously worried about the safety of those kids...
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