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Hi all,
I have a 2003 SLK, 230 Automatic which seems to have an issue, which has already cost me a fair whack on a suspected replacement part which hasn't worked, so hoping for advice from other owners.

I seem to have some sort of electrical problem. The indicators stopped working, and on came the orange light to suggest a bulb has blown. This happened five or ten mins in to my journey, and happens most times I drive the car now. It never happens when I turn the car on, always several minutes in to the journey.
Now when I turn the hazards on they all work fine. After a while the indictors will randomly start working again.
I took it to a Mercedes specialist, but the indicators were working, and he could only diagnose a suspected faulty multi function control module. The part was the best part of £500 so had to go without for a few weeks and save up.
In the mean time, it seemed as though a bulb had gone, and off to Halfords I went and bought the bulb, and paid them the £3.99 to fit, as I was in work attire, but after a few moments the chap said it wasn't the bulb that was an issue, there was no current going to the front light.
The problem was left with one normal light and one dull light that intermittently worked also.
The time came when I got the multi function control module, this got fitted, I drove off promising the SLK as I was driving her, that I would treat her now she was fixed, but minutes later, the indicators stop again, back to square one.
Must also add I have replaced all the fuses in the fuse box also.

To summarise;
Indicators stop working after 5/10 mins
Hazard lights continue to work
Always works when I first start up the car in the morning
Randomly start working again after an undefined period of time
Not the multi function control unit
Not a fuse or bulb issue

Any help would be massively appreciated, it was a huge blow paying the £500 plus lbour just before Christmas, so want to make sure I get it right this time
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