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Ten SLKs met in Lynnwood for a scenic drive to Smokey Point, north of Marysville, for our annual SLK BBQ. We traversed up old Hiway 99 into Everett circumventing downtown by taking Marine View Drive along Possession Sound. We crossed the Marysville Flats and continued on around following Marine Drive to Kayak Point where we stopped for a photo op on the water

From there we made our way to Cat's 5 acres freshly mowed with already a line up of SLKs. A few more trickled in and we realized TWENTY SLKs all in a row of beautiful colors...! That included 2 cars from Oregon, one from Salem, who made the long trip for a promised good time and one SLK (with owner) Cat literally grabbed off the street in front of her home the day before...

It got lively as the beverages were poured and Cat plopped the filet mignons on the barbee. We all mingled and ate and laughed and drank and had a fabulously great time - SLK Style!

There's no other SLK NW event quite like our BBQs which linger into the wee hours over bon fire. We're already anticipating next year's...!

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See the entire BBQ Photo Album here.
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