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$6,000 O.B.O
I Have My 1998 Mercedes SLK230 Hardtop Fully Functioning Mint Condition Rust Free Convertible For Sale
A Real Head-turner and Gets Attention Absolutely Everywhere It Goes.
All Features Work As They Should, Power One Touch Down Windows, Power Folding Roof, Heated Seats, Air Conditioning, Heat, 6 Disc CD Changer etc.
This car is as rust free as any SLK in the province of Ontario can get. Engine is in phenomenal condition, transmission shifts smooth, and the steering is tight and precise.
Work Completed On Car:
-Transmission Plug Adapter Replaced
-Transmission Drained And Filled
-BRAND New High Quality All Season Tires Installed At Canadian Tire With Warranty
-Recent Synthetic Oil Change With Mercedes Specific Liqui Moly Oil
-New Bosch Mass Air Flow Sensor
-New K40 Relay
-New Bosch Wiper Blades
-New Rear Trunk Struts
-New Ball Joints (front ones i believe)
-Supercharger Oil Change
-Drive Belts Replaced
-All Possible Fluids Topped Off
-New Brakes Done in 2019
-Fuel System Cleaned Out & Inspected/Serviced
And SO much more

-3 Stage Cut & Polish, Touch Up & Ceramic Coating Completed For $1,400 The Car’s Paint Is Protected For 3 Years Now And The Paint is IMMACULATE.
-Chrome Wheels Polished And Shiny
-Front Chrome License Plate And Bracket Installed
-Rust Proofing Done Car Has No Rust Underneath Or On The Paint Everyone Is In Awe When They See The Undercarriage

If i may also add if i haven’t already the Transmission was drained and filled, inspected and properly serviced and free of any leaks, see for yourself. No codes, no lights bring your scanner, mechanic, friend whoever this car is in phenomenal condition as i have put thousands of dollars into it since ownership in January. Only reason for selling so soon is because i would like a larger vehicle. Every single problem i had with this vehicle was sorted out. As for the vehicles history my aunt who had passed away had this car with her prior to her passing in the united states with her for some time she ended up coming back to Canada and bringing it back with her. As far as what i read on the carproof it has had 2 owners only prior to me. 113,000 Miles / 180,000 KMS. Car has been serviced for the most part by German vehicle specialists in the greater toronto area and i strictly use synthetic and 91 gas. I believe my aunt had ownership of the vehicle since the very early 2000’s.

Any interested parties can email me at wali - haider AT hotmail DOT com (use dash in between first and last name) and vehicle is located within the greater toronto area. Thanks.

Contact per OP request 647-220-3710


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