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Hi Great and Learned MB enthusiasts.

I have a problem with my 1998 SLK230 Kompressor, 89000km.
For a while now it has had a missfire at around 4500revs under load when accelerating and occasionally all through the rev range when cold.
I have a Carsoft 7.4 Diagnostice code reader and the car has shown the following codes:
0300 Off assessor / Off assessor Catalytic Converter noxious = Random Missfire detected
0303 Off assessor Cyl. 3/ Off assessor Catalytic = Missfire cyl 3
B1470 Fuel level indicator sensor B4 - open circuit
B1755 Serial Port K2 from the KLA/TAU panel with the instrument cluster : open circuit

I think i have a bad coil or two. I think the Cat converter may be unservicable as it rattles on startup and within 15 seconds stops rattling.

What are your thoughts?

Any help and advice would be appreciated. R)F)
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