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Amusing video about the beginning of the end of the British car industry. Stating that Renault 5 and 12 topped the reliability chart in the UK just proved how bad it must have been driving in those ancient times...

Do not miss at 6:10 the bloke disguised as a Womble walking into the shot


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Ah the Thames TV intro, sweet nostalgia. Magpie, The World at War, The Sweeney, and Minder to name a few.
O Levels and teen years, driving lessons in a Mark 1 Escort, Happy Days!

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Mercedes, pay attention circa 5:30.
(Although, that might be an MB designer 'wombling' into shot just after).

As a teenager I totally got why Datsun, Nissan & Toyota did well (Decent cars with goodies).
The hatches made sense too.

Having driven my dads Vaux Victor (loved that car) and Morris Marina TC (love/hate),
then passing my test in a Sunbeam (loved that car), the one thing that put me off the influx was cost.
High insurance and parts.

Ended up buying a Capri that had been gifted staggered wheels and raised rear.
(Early signs of SLK ownership, perhaps).

In modern times it makes no sense to buy kids old bangers.
Insurance costs match new car ownership.
Power, handling and braking are far superiour.
But the pinch that wins...connectivity.

No matter the style, layout, safety features, power source.
Without connectivity, you are dead in the water.
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