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Hi All,
I'm daydreaming of another toy I'd like to have - a classic muscle car fitted with a decent lump of American iron! Although they were never directly sold in Australia, first gen Camaros have always caught my eye as a really sexy example of 1960's muscle.

This thread is particularly aimed at anyone out there in the SLKworld community that has owned / still owns / spent significant seat time in one of these beasts. Specifically:

- are they a good drive for their age?
- how solid and reliable are they?
- are there any Camaro specific issues to look for?
- any 'gotchas' in the USA purchase process I should know about?
- any recommendations for dealers / agents?

I'm looking for a '69 model (my favourite first gen shape), ideally a genuine SS with the 350 small block if the budget will stretch. A genuine Z/28 would be great but well out of my price range and I'm not interested in one that's in need of heavy restoration before it can be classified as a 'driver'. Anything that's been heavily modified from stock (e.g. different capacity or later model year engine, updated tranny, etc.) is also out due to Australian import regulations.

I've already been advised to bypass cars that have spent a good deal of their lives in parts of the USA that have harsh winters due to issues with rust. I'm also aware that California cars are sought after due to both moderate climate and lower shipping costs to Australia, but that's really all I know so far. So any advice, tips, comments or general knowledge that's out there in SLK land would be most appreciated! :tu:

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