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"Sorry, we can't find that page" is never a message anyone looks forward to seeing on their computer screen. Or is it?

Some companies have turned the dreaded error page into entertaining—and even interactive—experiences.

"It's a little unexpected surprise that can be memorable, as opposed to forgettable, while keeping people on the site, engaged, and lowering the bounce rate," said Brian Dragich, founder of Bear Flag Branding, which helps small businesses build websites.

Dragich finds games and fully interactive error pages to be "a little much," and that the concept takes away from the true purpose of the 404 page. Still, he understands the reasoning behind the trend. "You feel like you've found a secret page that people only visit if they'd made a mistake."

Here are 13 websites that feature some of the most creative, clever and comical 404 pages on the Internet:

13 of the Internet's best 404 error pages
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