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12v Socket in ashtray compartement; possible to close lid and route cables

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If I use the 12v socket in the ashtray compartement, is there enough space to close the lid? (adapter+usb plug). Is it possible to route the wires so that the lid can be closed at all times?

Is there a clean way to connect my dashcam using one of the two (ashtray and armrest) 12v sockets? I can put the cable under the lining of the roof->a-pillar->under glovebox->centre console but I don't know of a way to neatly do the last part.

Sorry wrong section; needs to go in the SLK 172 section.
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A 2000 SLK 200 is either an R170 (yellow car in banner photo), or the R171 (black in photo).
Unless you have bought another car that is a 172?

I have left in the 170 section for now.
I owned a 170. Now I own a 171 and tomorrow I will own a 172. I will update my info accordingly tomorrow.

My apologies for the confusion.

My question is about the 172.
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Thread tidied as we now know this is for the R172.
Much tidier but more longwinded method is from the centre armrest 12v socket fuse which is located in the rear SAM [fuse box] in the boot/trunk.

Basically [ :ROFLMAO: Ha,ha], from camera, across top of windscreen and down behind 'A' pillar, behind end of dash, down behind rubber door trim then under inner sill cover, behind carpet and up to area behind rear side speaker and into boot space where it can be further concealed behind plastic trim and carpet sections.

It is most important to be sure not to foul seatbelt and roof mechanism. Wire needs to be well secured and taped down in those areas.

I used a Nextbase hard wire kit which was just the right length though I had to extend and then insulate the spade ends on the fuse tap as the shape/design of the fuse tap did not sit well with the MB fuse holder.
The inline 12 to 5v transformermabob is held inboard of the wee shoulder speaker and well away from the seatbelt with a strip of automotive trim tape and also wedged with a piece of foam for good measure.

Took me about four hours on Saturday past. That was going carefully and stopping to check how each piece of trim came off and triple checking that wires were away from roof mechanism and seatbelt. It also included the modification of the fuse tap where I cut the blades out of a spare fuse and soldered them to the blades on the fuse tap to double the original blade length. I also used shrink tube to cover what would have then become exposed blade.

Instructions for removal/refit of the various pieces of trim are easily found with a Google search.
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I routed the cables via the a-pillar, under the dash, under central console lining to the 12v socket in the armrest. Looks fine. Except for one thing. I don't know how/don't want to remove the a-pillar cover. So I tucked it in between the glass en the edge of the cover. This doesn't hold wel. Is there a neat way to secure te cable?

Should I glue the cable? With wat glue?
Should I tape te cable? With wat tape?
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