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A commercial dump truck passing on Interstate 77 in Cleveland, Ohio, turned out to be the worst nightmare for drivers of about 100 cars, all of which ended up with flat tires.

The truck overturned on I-77, spilling its load of scrap metal across the highway. Authorities had to close the road until the clean-up was complete, but until they did, an estimated 100 cars got their tires punctured by the sharp bits of metal, reports.

The good news is that motorists may be reimbursed for their trouble, eventually: the police have asked all those whose tires were punctured to file a report with the city. Also good news: “No injuries were reported. Metal shards were strewn across the highway, fire officials said,” according to the publication.

The driver is being held responsible for the mishap, because he failed to properly secure his load. The report doesn’t mention what caused the truck to overturn.

“Police say the driver of the truck was cited for dropping loads on the roadway and not tarping/covering the load being hauled,” the same publication notes. “The State Highway Patrol also cited the driver for commercial driver’s license violations as well as load violations. The patrol took the driver out of service for the license violation and took the truck out of service until the load could be secured.”

While the damage caused by this truck driver is greater by comparison, another recent incident involving a semi and a lost load takes the prize for being the messiest: earlier this month, a tractor trailer spilled its load of pig guts in Kansas City, Missouri.

It took authorities several hours, one Bobcat, lots of soap and water to clean the highway after the accident, and to finally be able to reopen it to traffic. That large of a timeframe presented the Missouri Department of Transportation with the perfect occasion to crack plenty of pig jokes and puns on social media.
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