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While most of us will never have to worry about getting carjacked by an armed assailant, the risk of waking up to discover your car has been stolen is more likely. For being one of the most powerful countries in the world, we sure do have some staggeringly high crime rates, which you can investigate in depth in the FBI’s annual crime report.

Awhile back, Cheap Car Insurance launched an ambitious project that was designed to rank states based on car thefts per 1,000 registered vehicles instead of utilizing the typical per capita approach. This methodology was chosen around the reasoning that states with dense urban sprawls and reliable forms of public transportation typically have lower rates of car ownership than rural ones. On one hand, New York may only have 26.1 registered vehicles per 100 people, but Alabama has twice as many, with 52.1 registered vehicles per 100 people.

In order to understand why particular vehicles are more likely to be stolen than others and where they are being targeted the most often, the National Insurance Crime Bureau mapped more than 650,000 vehicle thefts around the country. The data showed a nationwide trend where thieves still favored older models of cars, despite a recent spike in new vehicle theft.

Reports also unearthed that the make and model of a vehicle can greatly increase its chance of being targeted as an easy steal. Year after year it seems that the Honda Accord continues to reign supreme as the most desirable car to steal, followed by its baby brother, the Civic, and then a variety of full-size Ford pickup trucks.

A thieve’s preference can also vary quite a bit from these top three depending upon what state is in question. Reports show that thieving hoopleheads in Alaska and large portions of the Midwest prefer Chevy pickups, while crooks in D.C., Illinois, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Ohio prefer to pinch Dodge Caravans.

Grand Theft U.S.A. ? America?s Most Stolen Cars, by State
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