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:tu: Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster owners are invited to meet rain or shine Saturday, October 17, 2009 for display of their cars at 10:30 A.M. in the Shopping Center parking lot at 17343 Fremont St, Esparto, CA 95627 (link to meet map below):,+Esparto,+CA&fb=1&gl=us&cid=0,0,11262744436337751221&ei=pu3GSqqzG4nQtAOay82iBQ&hq=17343+Fremont+St,+Esparto,+CA&hnear=&ll=38.689396,-122.019224&spn=0.012344,0.020256&t=h&z=16

R) We will leave around 11:30 on a California backroads drive up the Capay valley to lunch at Granzella's restaurant in Williams:
Directions and a drive map are attached.

Join us for the meet, the drive, the meet & drive, or the meet, drive & lunch. :Beer:

On drive day, you can call 925-519-3121. :hail:
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