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I am looking for one rear wheel rim for a 2006 SLK55 AMG. This is the 18" x 8.5" 16 spoke AMG alloy. I have found a couple of used ones but both looked like they had too much curb rash to suit me. I can get new ones for about $150 more than the price of the used one (my best current option) which is cheaper than refinishing the rashed out used ones.

Just in case somebody out there has a mismatched set and wants to sell one, I figured I would ask. Minor wear is OK but not bent or badly curbed.

I am not that fond of the 16 spoke design. Much prefer the split five spoke wheels from some of my older AMG's. Might consider as another option a full set of such if they are in 100% good condition (nor rash, no dings, dents or cracks, etc.)

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